Saturday, April 04, 2009

Sudan election pushed back to 2010!

 It kind of not surprising that he elections has been put back to 2010. The selected date of of somewhere in July has been overshadowed by events so huge that it is inevitable that soemthing gives way.

Reasons of census results and borders are all true but they masks the real issues. Even before the ICC debacle and others, the impelemntation of the CPA was on a snail pace. There are still more to be desired.

Let the count down begin . . .

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Another peace process for Darfur?

Will there be peace in Darfur . . .? I began to see it as a long gone possibility. Let us resign to the fact that it is going to be a long, long process. . .

With the myriad of peace processes coming up everyday: African Union, Libyan, Saudi Arabian, Nigerian, Qatari, I wonder which one will bear fruit. Can't someone just merge all these together?

Egypt is again throwing its lot into the peace process business. That is making the whole thing interesting? Was it to counter the Qatari Peace process? Egypt skipped the Arab Summit in Qatar and now comes up with another peace process. I know not for what reason.

While they keep on meetimg in the Arab capitals, Darfur still cries . . .


Queen Noor speaks . . .

Darfur an "obscenity", we are told . . .

 Queen Noor has added her voice to the cry coming out of Darfur. If not for the timing I would ask where has she been hiding all this time.

Maybe the ICC thing shook her from her slumber . . .(Sorry Queen!)

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The culture of violence

I wonder what is going in South Sudan these. I week never goes without deadly clashes some where. If it is not the SPLA soldiers causing havoc, it is the pastoralist going about the business they know best: cattle rustling.

It is a shame that we are still being ravaged by the notion of these groups, whose still think that cattle rustling is aprt of culture that cannot be abandoned.

I will talk more . . .

Arab backing and the showdown: round 2

Bashir made it to the  Arab Summit, had a faceof with the UN General Secretary and got Arab backing against the ICC.

It is a big public relations coup for the government against the West. When a big chung of the world  countries expressed their dis-satisfaction with events, I think the world better listen.

Ocampo has used his ighest card, as some analysts think, and th eonly last resort to apprehend the president is by invading the country.

Looking at what happened to Iraq, I don't think Obama will want to go that road again. It is just getting nastier by the day.