Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Be careful woman: wearing trousers my land you in court in Khartoum!

The trial of the journalist for wearing trousers or if you believe he government version for "wearing clothes that were indecent to the public" has been postponed yet again. And that is for a reason.

The government does not like the huge publicity it generated. The international TV networks were running live commentaries from Khartoum, having public debates and journalists were and human right activities were having a field day.

According to Luban Hussein, the journalist at the centre of the issue, she was on trial not because she wore trousers, but because she had been a critic of the government. They are trying to nail her.

When you read the headlines about it, you will be led to believe that not a SINGLE woman wear trousers in Khartoum these days! You are wrong!

Secondary school girls wear trousers, unless their trousers are not trousers, just school uniforms.

So back to the publicity, I think it is becoming embarassing to the government. Their attempt to dehumanise Lubna has backfired. They have postponed the hearing for a month until the haboob has died down again. I guess it will not go away. Lubna will mobilize women again and bring them with her to court.

That law about wearing indecent clothing has to be repealled.