Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Government of South Sudan should focus on education

The recent report of the UN Rapid Assessment of Learning Spaces (RALS) makes grim reading.

The report said that 758,207 students are enrolled in 2,922 schools across the vast expanse of Southern Sudan, which is struggling to recover from two decades of armed conflict. According to the survey, almost a third of these children still attend classes in the open air.

This should be an eye opener for the government. Education is the backbone of nation building. If we want to achieve a lot and succeed, investment in education is the best insurance for the future.

South Sudan has one of the best universities in the country: Juba University. Although currently It had created some of the elites of the country since inception in 1978, with its medical faculty its pride. It is a cradle of our culture too. The other two univerisities in Wau and Malakal are coming up too.

Efforts must be put into building up the educational infrastructure. GOSS should make it a priority. The RALS data must be made into good use to chart the future.