Monday, March 30, 2009

ICC, Arab League and Bashir

So Bashir is in  Doha for the Arab Summit

It is expected that the Sudanese president will want to show the world that he cannot be intimidated by the ICC warrant, about which he once said "soak in water and drink it". Nothing new there.

I was watching the news and all are concerned whether the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon will sit and listen to Bashir delivering his speech. My advise: Mr Moon, don't listen to the Americans, sit there and listen to what Bashir wants to say . . . Walking out is not a good sign ffrom the wolrd's top diplomat.

Let us wait and see.

BK featured in US Site

Black Kush featured among the top 100 sites in Africa on an  Online University Reviews website. Cool.

"In an attempt to provide students, laymen, and educators with a single resource from which they can begin their own exploration of the richness and diversity of Africa, we have compiled a list of what we consider to be the 50 best blogs to learn about African culture, news, politics, and viewpoints. Blogs are an excellent way to learn about nations and cultures due to the passion, diversity of perspective and honesty of the writing, which you won’t often find in textbooks. We have categorized these top 50 blogs as follows: Politics and Human Rights, News, Culture & Art, Technology and Entrepreneurship, and Viewpoints from many of the African Countries."