Saturday, May 26, 2007


I am taking a month off the blog to do some work. See you sometimes in late June. If I pass by Khartoum, will let you know. For those who love this blog, I will be back.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Another envoy for Darfur

How many special envoys will it take to bring peace to Darfur? 10, 20, 50? All the ones there are no good enough, or just not doing enough. Any country with a conscience wants to be seen doing something for Darfur by having an envoy there.

Now the Chinese are following suit. After being criticized left, right and center for not doing enough for Darfur, it has caved in. China now appointed a seasoned diplomat as its special envoy for Darfur.

This is a significant move to deter the pressure on China. The call by some quarters to boycott the Beijing olympics come 2008 is hard one for China to bear.

Let us hope, with arrival of yet another envoy, the elusive peace may atlast be around the corner.

Darkness at noon! Haboob in Khartoum.

Haboob comes to Khartoum! Here are some pictures from last Sunday's dust storm.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Wanted by ICC: Haroun and Kushayb

The ICC has atlast issued the arrest warrants for the two suspects of the Darfur genocide: Ahmed Haroun and Ali Muhammad Ali Abd-al-Rahman, also know as Ali Kushayb.

We remain to see how this can be executed. Sudan has already rejected the warrants and said they will not hand over the suspects to the ICC. It is interesting, knowing that Sudan is not a signatory to the ICC.

The world's efforts to solve the Darfur conflict seem to be disjointed. There is a big drive to see the hybrid force sent to Darfur, and the rebels are trying to unite for a peace talks. The USA has already acknowledged that their are signs of Sudan relaxing its refusal of the deployment.

What could the arrest warrants add to these efforts? Nothing. Sudan will get more stubborn, the rebels more divided and the Darfurians will continue to suffer. As Khartoum plays the time game, the world wonders what to do next.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Darfur talks in Juba

Breathing new life into the Darfur peace talks. Now it is the turn of the Government of South Sudan (GOSS). Will it happened this time?

With the rebels still divided, Khartoum grins with glee. Will they ever unite?