Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Al Jazeera TV: ten years on

Happy Birthday Al Jazeera TV!

The Arab World's most popular old news TV Channel turns ten years today. This "Arab CNN" was hated by Arab governments, bombed by the USA but loved by over 40 million ordinary Arabs. The channel had seen its reporters killed in crossfire or charged for being members of Al Qaeda (eg. Tayseer Alouni in Spain)

Wherever you stand, you will agree that Al Jazeera is the most popular channel. It had brought the Israeli-Palestine conflict into homes, the gruesome faces of the war in Iraq and Afghanistant and the unpopularity of US policy in the Middle East.

It has also been accused of biasness and fueling anti-West propaganda in the ME. I have watched it for years, and loved and hated it at the sametime too!

We wait and see what their English channel will bring.

Read their english profile here.