Saturday, November 18, 2006

Black Kush: my first 100 days!

Black Kush is 100 days today! Hurrah!

It was on August 10th, 2006 that I started my blog. I guess it is time to make some analysis of my work in the last hundred days. Have I achieved what I had set out to do in the first place?

I had posted 50 posts in 100 days, an average of one post every other day. Looking at the toughness of my work and time in working on the net, I guess this is an acceptable target. Considering that there were days or weeks that had gone without a single post before, I consider it an achievement!

I have set also to cover my part of the world or South Sudan to be more precise. I have seen how my world was under represented in the media, or misrepresented too. I covered comments on the Government of South Sudan, criticising and applauding when the need arises. I have checked their activities and what needs to be done. Have I succeeded?

I appreciated the efforts of GOSS to bring peace in South Sudan by supporting peace talks between the Lord Resistance Army (LRA) of Uganda and its government. There will not be peace in the South if the LRA continue to operate.

I had a heart for Darfur, and felt that the world must act to avoid a hunamnitarian disaster of unimaginable scale. I was standing for a UN force in Darfur, knowing that my government is against that. I know AU were underfunded and small force in an area twice the size of Europe. I felt I had too add my voice to the call for sanity. Has it any effect?

Lastly, I want to thank those guys out there who visited my site, posted comments and encourage me by just dropping by. I owe you big, guys.

I especially like to acknowledge the support of Drima, the Sudanese Thinker who always had a word or two. He is one hell of a guy who likes to see Sudanese folks blogging! And I admit am his fun.

I want to go out and celebrate. Tomorrow, I will set out my policy for the next hundred days! Please do come around again! Love to see you here.


Precious said...

Congrats BlackKush, and may I say you did a great job in this 100 days..

As a new blogger, it was really usefull and intresting for me to read your blog.. it has provided me with different point of views regarding Sudan issues..

I aslo like the idea of celebrating the 100 days of blogging.. I might do that too.. which should be sometime in February 2007! Long way for me to go!
Keep it up and Thank YOU for your great blog!

Black Kush said...

Thanks Precious for that. It means a lot when people drop by to leave a comment. You feel what you are doing make sense.

I am looking forward to your 100 days! That day will come soon!

I've left Copenhagen for Uganda said...

Hi Black Kush,
I enjoy to get a view inside Southern Sudan from northern Uganda. Interesting. Thanx for your comment, too. I'll have to see what I can do about it ;-)
Pernille in Uganda
PS: I'll link up to your blog

rob rooker said...

Just found you the other day, but is nice to get some info straight out of the South. look forward to the coming 100.

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