Sunday, November 19, 2006

Black Kush: my next 100 days

What should I be doing in the next 100 days?

I believe it is good practice to set goals, objectives and way to achieving (activities) those aims. So here I go at Black Kush. I want to set my path for the next 100 days. It will be much easier to monitor progress and later evaluate at the end whether there were achievements.

OK, I don't want to sound like a CEO with all SMART objectives and things like that. Plainly stated sentences will do here. After mulling over several ideas and ways of improvements for my blog, I have settled for the following:
  • To represent my opinion as best as I can on issues of interest to South Sudan in particular and Sudan in general
  • To balance different points of view and represent them accordingly
  • To criticize objectively, giving alternative solution where necessary
Wow, that was quiet a mouthful! Believe me, I couldn't even explain all of them if ask. I probably want to show how smart I am! (lol). How do I go about achieving all that? Let me try:
  • By following news coverage about the Sudan and the realationship with the rest of the world
  • By stimulating debate through regular podcast on issues of interests and relevance
  • By revealing some good aspects of our society (Sudan is not only Darfur! There are lots of good things happening here too!)
  • By spicing my posts with anecdotes and lively commentary
  • And lastly, by continuously interacting with other Sudanese bloggers out there!
Phew, that was serious! Am I gonna achieve all that? By the look of things it is not going to be easy.

So 100 days from today, I will invite you to vote whether I have achieved my objectives.

Let the show begin.