Friday, January 26, 2007

To hang or not to hang . . .

There is too much hanging going on in the world these days. I was not able to comment on the high profile hangings of Saddam Hussein and his friends, but not because I approve of them, but merely because I thought a lot has been said already.

I am definitely anti-capital punishment. Most countries have reasons for constitutional hangings. That will need a different post to argue that out. And most countries have banned capital countries like in the European Union, and some African countries are currrently pushing for its removal too.

Innocent people have been wrongly hanged or just to deter others. Are they justified? The recent sentence of the Bulgarian nurses and other in Libya is raising eye brows about capital punishment (hat tip: Mimz ). Libya has its own reasons for pushing for their execution, whether they are right or not is not the issue.

There is this disturbing news coming out Singapore on the death sentence meted out on the young Iwuchukwu Amara Tochi, 21 Nigerian executed for drug smuggling. It has been proven that he had no knowledge that the drugs have been planted in his luggage, but nevertheless sentenced for being STUPID/FOOLISH? Does this deserve death? Singapore has one of the strictest laws on drugs punishable by death.

If there is something in the world that Sudan shares with the USA, it is the death penalty! No one knows how many people are executed in Sudan every year. I remember the early years in which people were executed for possessing dollars!


Mimz said...

Even if this kid was intentionally smuggling drugs, at age 21 I'm sure they could've thought of some other method of punishment.

Taking someone's life is only Allah's job.

Currently capital punishment is very common in the USA, Asia and Africa.

Black Kush said...

Capital punishment is a crime punishable by death! I call that the catch 22 death sentence. lol!

Precious said...

"I remember the early years in which people were executed for possessing dollars"

Did that really happen??!!!!!!!

Black Kush said...

Positive! I know of a young businessman (of the same tribe as me, actually) who was hanged in Kobar prison for possessing dollars! He did his business working between our village and Uganda.

At that time there no foreign exhanges for currency and getting one is a long process through the banks. When you travel outside the country, you aplly with evidence of your visa. When you get back, yu declare your dollars, which are exchanged for you into Sudanese currency.

It sounds like urban myth, but these were the days!

Anonymous said...

I live in the USA in the state of Illinois. However, I wanted to comment on capital punishment. Yes, SOME states in the USA enforse capital punishment. But the majority of the states do not have capital punishment as it differs from state to state with Texas being the state that enforses it the most.

Mimz said...

Thnx for the input.

Anonymous said...

No problem, I was not trying to be a snobby American or anything, and I realize after I reread my comment that it probably came off that way. I disagree with the whole concept as well. Killing people that are already influenced by the dark forces does not justify it. Oh, and the only reason that I am anonymous is that I really don't have time to register my account with all of my school and work hours. And I was not totally correct. I did some research and only 13 out of the 50 states are without capital punishment. But ILLINOIS is one of them!

Anonymous said...


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