Thursday, January 11, 2007

Fluent Sudani and the Sudanese flag

Sudanese blogger Fluent Sudani published this article in his blog on January 4th that I find revolting, I must admit.

SD Flag restoration

Multiple Sudani forums discussed the issue of our homeland flag. Some say it exculdes presence of southern Christians. I am profound with the current flag because it's history that ties it. Ta'aysha patriots kicked out the Brit. colonists out of our land, gained us indepedence.

Yes, I recognize southern Sudanese and respect them, but they simply were not a part of country's rebelion. We come to an end in wasteful seconds, change remarkable exhortions or our fathers! I refrain from imaging this thought.

Each color has a fascinating meaning.

Red represents bloodshed of patriots. Green represents land color. White represents soul purity. Black represents independence struggle.

Nonetheless, I have an alternative flag module I attached to this entry below. The only change is "La Illah ila Allah, Muhamadon rasool Allah" defined as: there is no God but Allah and Muhammed (pbuh) is his last prophet.

I believe in freedom of speech and each person is entitled to his ideas and dreams. I am one of those who believed that the Sudanese flag is unrepresentative of the people. Flags, like national anthems should reflect the multi-ethnic and multi-religious identity of the country.

But first his claims that south Sudanese were not part of the rebelion that kick the colonialist is utter nonesense. South Sudanese have resisted for a long time and many died fighting the British occupiers. The Shilluk Kingdom with its powerful Reth stands to witness to this.

What happened, and is happening in the Sudan today is the fabrication of history by the bunch of NIF croonies in the government. The history books being thought now inludes a chapter entitle "the entry of people in the Sudan". When I was studying history, that very chapter was entitle "the entry of the Arabs to Sudan". This is an example of the fabrication going on. References to other cultures, languages and believes are being erased. You can never erased the history of the ancient Christian Kingdoms in northern Sudan.

What alarms me most is the sentiment being carried in the article. Fluent Sudani seems to think other people don't count in the country. Denying the existence and contribution of the whole Sudanese people is tantamount to suicide. When a bunch of arabs claim the whole country to themselves, what will the rest of the people do? Forget about religion: have you asked yourself why there was war in the south and the east, and the current war in west?

I thought such ideas were left in the 20th century. When I am not represented in the running of my country, what options do I have? You can play around with the flag, adding whatever you want. Keep it, but give me back the name, for Sudan belongs to the blacks.

And Fluent Sudani, I see that you have removed my blog from your "Fellow Sudanese Bloggers"... Are you in anyway saying I am not Sudanese?


Daana Lost in Translation said...

hello black kush,

this is my first visit 2 ur blog since I am new in the blogsphere and I am slowly discovering sudanese bloggers...I already left a comment in fluent sudani's post about the flag...I agree with him that we don't need to change the flag...but I don't agree with him that the "other" ethnicities if we may call it that in sudan haven't contributed much because they truly have. point about not changing the flag is if we look at the symbolism in the colors of the flag (and I mean just utterly the symbolism of the colors apart from the point that most people are using that the flag resembles the colors of other arab countries) these colors represent universal human themes and ideas. The colors of the flag and what they represent do not just belong to arabs they hold a deeper meaning that all of us sudanese can relate to regardless of our background. W ba3dain yakhi our country has many more complicated problems that we need to worry about instead of changing the flag at this time. Another point I want to mention mr. Kush is that at this point we should try to overcome the animosities that were created and deepened between the sudanse ppl during colonial times...unfortunately sudan is one place that the concept of divide and conquer is still affecting the people to this day. One last point bro...all sudanese ppl including northerners have suffered from government negligence. The governments have concentrated only on the capital and the rest of sudan was left in ruins, and of course there are the occassional thieves like Nemairi and the current Al bashir (and both of these were northerners mind u). I know I talked a lot but i was hoping to build a bridge between me and u as a fellow sudanese blogger..keep up the good work and don't get mad get glad :)

Black Kush said...

Daana, thanks for dropping by. I just felt I should respond when facts are misrepresented. I am more open and tolerant. When quotes appear that we have no contribution and don't count, I feel it is my duty to correct that.

If you read articles on my blog, you will see that I have never taken sides most of the time, but put arguements as I see them. I am mirroring the sentiments on all sides.

I agree we have more than the flag to worry about.

No hard feelings, sister. I am just being too passionate about my country... and maybe I over-reacted?

Thanks for dropping by...

Mimz said...


There are two things in life that, be certain, if God takes them away from you then you have nothing left that counts in your life.

1) Jealousy & passion for your religion
2) Jealousy & passion for your country.

Drima said...

BK, you did NOT overreact. I was disturbed by Fluent Sudani's post and utterly disgusted by his comment in the same post.

In fact I was going to blog about this just NOW but then saw it here on your blog first. I also left a comment on Fluent Sudani's post but he still didn't approve it. I'm not sure he will. I was quite pissed off.

Anyways bro. You did NOT overreact. My loyalty is to my country... all of it and from what I've seen here on your blog, I'm sure you're not one of those angry southerners who keep bashing Muslims or northerners. You're a very reasonable guy and your reaction to Fluent Sudani's post is understandable. After all, I myself found it offensive.

Anonymous said...

The reason I took you off my affiliation URL list is because we disagree on a lot of subjects. Amir or SudaneseThinker, I do not respect simply for the reason that he does not know how to carry a conversation in a civil manner, I observed in Shamarat and comments like the one above.

Back to what you presumed about me, FS does not deny existence of southern Sudanese, you can check my reply on my blog flag entry as well. I personally do not see any differece whether you are from north or south of Sudan, at last we're all Sudanese.

Drima said...

"SudaneseThinker, I do not respect simply for the reason that he does not know how to carry a conversation in a civil manner, I observed in Shamarat and comments like the one above."

LOL. Asma3ni ya walad ya zareef inta... I only bother having a civil discussion with those who actually can and I only respect those worthy of respect. Tamam? As for Shamarat, dig in all you can ya zareef. I've had pleasant discussions with *every single* individual there except for you.

You can continue pretending to be the "self-righteous", "pious" person you try to be if it makes you happy though.

BTW I forgot something... indeed Copts didn't achieve anything for Sudan. Yup sure thing. They're all just a bunch of retards aren't they Fluent Sudani?

Thanks for all the laughs ;)

Black Kush said...

It is fair to say you are not open to discussions on issues you don't agree on. How sad. You may say something but act differently.

Suits you dude. Although we are in a disagreement, I will keep you on my links, if only to prove people like you exist.

Anonymous said...

Black Kush,

isn't FS, who is speaking for a large constituency, providing just another reason for voting Southern separation and independence when the time has come?

John (Uganda)

Black Kush said...

John, I left a comment in FS blog with the exact words. He should know better!

Anonymous said...

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Kizzie said...

OK!..I was offended by this post too!
Lets not think of ourselves as northerns,southerns,christians and muslims. We are all SUDANESE!

"You can never erased the history of the ancient Christian Kingdoms in northern Sudan."
ofcourse! Kush was actually a christian kingdom infact it took hundreds of years for them to convert.

"When a bunch of arabs claim the whole country to themselves, what will the rest of the people do?"

Arabs as a minority. If we are talking about pure arabs then we are talking about "Rashidya". Rashidya is a tribe in Eastern Sudan not northern Sudan. Most if not all the Northern sudanese are black africans (Nubians) or afroarabians( a mix of both).

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