Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Redefining poverty by the number of holes in the socks!

I am richer than Mr Paul Wolfowitz, the President of the World Bank . At least by one measure: the number of holes in my socks!

Despite being responsible for the World's famous body, Mr Paul couldn't afford a new pair of socks. During a visit to a mosque in Turkey, he took off his shoes and lo, and behold! There were holes in the socks, with the big toes peeking out!

Come on that must be a kind of a joke, you know. How can that happen to a man like that? He may be dedicated to freeing the world from poverty - but he seems unable to get himself out of it, that is if he is considered poor with a salary of $391,440.

Dirty smelly, socks or clean socks with holes, anyone?


Mimz said...

Maybe it's the trend these days :)

Black Kush said...

Men can hide lots of stuff under shiny clothes and wears. I guess that is the fact with most men.

That little piece of extra clothing has been some men's undoing, ie their girl friends leaving them because they discovered their secrets!

Trend indeed!

hipster said...

This is really embarrassing!!

Didn't he know beforehand that he would take his shoes off when entering a mosque?

If I were in his shoes(no pun intended), I would've taken off the socks quickly before anyone spotted me!!!!

Precious said...

DO you think its wierd that the only question that popped into my head when I saw this pic is :"Where the hell is his wife? Or is he not married"

Why did I blame the wife!!

Black Kush said...

That was my first reaction too, Precious! I did not add it as i thought I will be blaming 'her' for it. Good that it is a woman who pointed that out.

In African societies, the woman makes sure her man is presentable in public. I wonder where she is...

Black Kush said...

Precious, here is a brief profile from Wikipedia on the guy which could explain the weird behaviour:

Wolfowitz met anthropologist Clare Selgin Wolfowitz while they were both studying at Cornell University in the mid-60s. They married in 1968 and had three children. They separated in 2001.

Following his World Bank presidential nomination, Wolfowitz was reported [22] to be in a relationship with World Bank senior gender coordinator Shaha Riza, an Arab feminist who, according to The Times, "shares Wolfowitz’s passion for spreading democracy in the Arab world" and "is said to have reinforced his determination to remove Saddam Hussein’s oppressive regime." [23]

More here:

Black Kush said...

Hey Hipster, nice pun!

hipster said...

BK, thankx:)

So, does this mean that Arab women don't know how to take care of their,ummm, boyfriends?(Supposed to be husbands!)

hipster said...

Sry, forgot to add: Shaha Riza sounds like an Iranian name to me.

Precious said...

lol.. I dnt think its the fact that she is Arab (or Iranian) is the reason behind not caring for his appearance, I think its the"feminist" part!

Those - so - called - feminist- are getting the whole idea so wrong and they've got messed up beliefs and ideas.

I think after seeing this pic published all around the world, she would think again and care more about her man looks..

Black Kush said...

Maybe she wasn't good enough for him!? There is definitely more that a woman could have done.

Behind every horrid and ghastly looking man is a woman? I wonder...

The Raccoon said...

LOL, the things you'd say about my wife if you could see what I habitually wear... s'a good thing I am hidden behind a screen ;)

DZA said...

easy on the man, he don't have time.. he's busy plannin to f*ck our lives up

Anonymous said...

maybe it isn't important for him to think abt the holes in his socks ... cant we simply let him be the way he wants to be ... the holes in his socks are not denting holes in our pockets are they?

Anonymous said...


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