Saturday, January 27, 2007

Black Kush for President 2008!

I want to run for the presidency in 2008. You got it wrong: not of Sudan, but of the United States of America! To come to think of it many people are throwing their hats into the ring and I guess I should try my luck too. When Tom, Dick and Harry are trying, why not me?

Both Democratic and Republican presidential hopefuls are busy testing the waters to consider a run for the top job. They rangef from the only black guy so far, Barack Obama, to the fomer first lady Hilary Clinton (Democrats) to the Republican camp including McCain, Duncan and Tom.

With such heavy weights in the run, I guess I should wait a bit longer and try something closer to home. Sudan is also holding elections sometime in 2008, a result of the CPA. If Garang were alive he would have been a strong contender, since he was both loved and hated in the North. He could have gotten all the votes in El Matema (he liked their coffee, don't know why) Will Bashir run?

Unlike the Sudanese election (I have never voted in my life though) the American one is decided by the voters conviction of what you could do for the country. Our format is the African way: I vote for my tribe and I rig when I cannot gurantee winning. Simple. Dinka vote for Dinka, Nuer for Nuer, Shaiggy for Shaiggy and Fur for the Fur. The Party comes second. African democracy has a long way to go.

Black Kush for 2008? Unlikely. However, come 2008, I will be there to let my voice be heard and make my vote count. I will wait my turn, when the old and rusted thugs die out. As for the USA 2008 run, I give my vote to Barack Obama the novice who will deliver a hat trick. (Seriously, I don't believe Americans will vote for a Black president.)


Anonymous said...

Why so skeptical about Americans voting for a black guy? After all, Colin Powell was Secretary of Defense, Condi still is Secretary of State, both are generally well-liked, and except for a few bastards the likes of which will always be around race with them is not an issue.

Moreover, the famous (and great) "24" TV show already featured a black president, and of all the presidents and politicos featured in the show he clearly was cast to be the most competent, serious, and personable character. The ground is prepared.

As to Barack Obama, the guy seems personable and charming enough, but -- so far at least -- terribly short on substance. Except for being nice, what exactly does he stand for?

On a more general level, I simply despise all these identity politics. What if the Democratic primaries boil down to a duel between Hilary Clinton and Obama? Do the "right-thinking people" then have to support her as a woman, or him as a non-White (is there not some Asian element in his ancestry, too?)? Gender outweighs "race", or the other way around?

All this ultimately is ridiculous. You have to judge people on the issues, on their positions, and not on the basis of their genetic makeup.

Regards, Michael

Black Kush said...

Well, firstly I am not an American, and will not be challenged to make that choice. You cannot deny that will all the advances made after the civil rights movements, race still play big in politics.

Take Katrina. Americans an run around the world to deliver aid any where in the world, but they failed their own people. Unluckily for them, these turn out to be mainly black Americans. Was it intentionally or just mere organizational failures?

True, there are many successful black Americans in politics and those who have an agenda for America. Will they be accepted as the new face of America? Probably only on Oprah shows.

When it boils down to choosing between a woman and a black, the democrats may go for a woman. Obama may make a lot of noise, win hearts but will not make it pass the Democratic nomination. That is my opinion. I maybe wrong.

And there was Jesse Jackson, ofcourse...

Mimz said...

BK for president?
You def. got my vote! :)

But seriously bro, I won't know who to vote for next year.

Precious said...

You'll get my voice too..

About the American elections, I am not much concerned about it now, cuz thankfuly I dnt get to make a vote anyway, so I'll just wait for the result, see who makes it to the top, then wait and see his TRUE face..

As for our elections, just like you Mimz, I still dont know who to vote for, but am tryin to hard to know more about everyone & everything so when the time comes I'd know who to vote for..

Black Kush said...

The worse thing about our election is up to now no one is talking about it. Suddenly you will realize that 2008 is here and has to vote.

Political awareness is none existent. That will leave the whole exercise to corruption etc.

Thanks for your votes Mimz and Precious! I can count on those as I weigh my decision to run or not!

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