Monday, March 19, 2007

Salva Kiir and graft

Salva Kiir is having a test case at his hands and all are waiting to see how he is going to fair. With the South Sudanese still very tribalistic, he is in for a tough ride.

Whenever someone is accused of corruption, all the tribe rise in his support, suggesting that their man is being targeted, their tribe is being fingered for dstruction etc.

There are many examples: the recent accusation against the FM Lam Akol saw the whole Shilluk community crying foul; removal of the former governor of West Equatoria send the Zande seething; when Riak Machar was named as having millions of dollars stashed away, the Nuer were up in arms!

Now it is the Dinka. The GOSS finance minister Arthur Akuien has his immunity lifted in the investigation of corruption. Now the Dinka from Bahr el Ghazal are up in arms too. Don't touch our man or you will be playing with fire. His hench men include Bona Malwal Madut Ring, Ambrose Barac Atem, Aldo Ajou Deng, among others.

We still have a long way to go . . . (sigh)


Aaron in South Sudan said...

Corruption? In Sudan?


But seriously I hope that if this is followed through on it might be a show of strength for GoSS and a real move towards cleaning up certain areas that are less than admirable. I am not Sudanese and therefore don't have any authority in saying this, however after dealing with a few personally it would make me glad to see some change happen.

Black Kush said...

It is not unexpected though that corruption is rampant. It seems everyone in GOSS is out to make some millions as fast as possible immediately following the CPA. Contracts awarded to friends or bogus companies that fail to deliver, kickbacks, etc.

You hear it every where. My worry is that people think in terms of tribes more than the misuse of funds by the individuals. It is sad. I hope the VP can cap it.

CommonSense said...

hey black kush, interesting piece, I was wondering from what tribe is Salva kiir?

I would hope that as time goes on then people will start to see that officials of all tribes and races are accountable for their actions, it may be difficult to start with.
I dont think that the people accused are helping the situation either. Has anyone been found guilty of corruption yet?

Black Kush said...

Salva Kiir is a Dinka, same as John Garang, which is the largest tribal group in South Sudan. Unfortunatel due to its size, the Dinka are also very much divided among themselves according to lineages and locality.

The Dinka from Bor (Upper Nile) see themselves as the elite(?), which rival those from Bahr el Ghazal like Rumbek, Aweil, Yirol etc.

We are yet to see someone convicted of corruption. It is a very tough stand on the part of Slva Kiir and he is being applauded.

Anonymous said...

it has been bad always for sudanese to help their people out of poverty if the don't know tribelism and napotism clanism and so forth than there is nothing that will work out at all.I am very pleased to tell you that forget just about the tribelise and than help us out this poverty inorder for sudanese whom are in diaspora to think back home if their is clashes between the region any more and would you just adust the words Nuer,Dinka,this is not the right time such thing to come up what we want from you the leaders of southern Sudan is a development not the corruption and forget cronism as well as many of you been practicing.
my pleasure and I am very proud to be born Sudanese I will fight for my motherland,homeland,I am currently in Australia i get shock always when heard the clashes between the leaders.

Anonymous said...

I would suggest that if all Sudanese leaders unite themselves than whom do we think will overcomme them any more were by you will not heard the word Dinka,Nuer,Shuluk because of their cooperation and good leadership I hope it is very important for both of us to put our hand tegether inorder to achive our gold if possible

Anonymous said...

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