Saturday, February 03, 2007

Sudanese woman denied medical attention in Kansas City, USA

I came across this story and is shocked. This things still happen in America. You can call it an isolated incident, but when it happened to someone close, it is no longer isolated. Here is the story:

Chief suspends two KC officers
The Kansas City Star

Kansas City Police Chief Jim Corwin on Thursday suspended two officers who ignored a pregnant and bleeding woman’s pleas for medical help during an arrest last year. He called the officers’ behavior “inconsistent with the values and policies of this department and inconsistent with the training they received in the police academy.”

The Feb. 5, 2006, traffic stop became national news this week after The Kansas City Star obtained and released Tuesday a patrol-car video of the event.

Sofia Salva, who was nearly four months pregnant, spent 10 hours in police custody after the traffic stop. After her release, she delivered a premature baby at a hospital.

The baby lived for one minute before dying, according to a personal injury and wrongful death lawsuit Salva filed last week against the officers and the department.

The video outraged many people locally and across the country. Officer Darin Snapp, a department spokesman, said the media office received offensive e-mails and more than 100 calls. Angry calls also flooded into the Office of Community Complaints and the Internal Affairs Unit.

You can read the rest of the story here:

The video of the arrest is also here.

Just imagine the humiliation the poor woman went through, pleading for attention. These officers must be thrown behind bars!


Path2Hope said...

Hey BK, how've you been brother? It's infuriating when you read stories like this, literally gnaws at the core of a human being. What on earth…how do these people live with themselves?

Black Kush said...

P2H, how have you been yourself? There is no place like home. America maybe the ultimate dream, but it doesn't work for everybody. Descrimination is still rampant based on race.

It will continue to happen. Until when, only God knows.

Precious said...

"Descrimination is still rampant based on race."
United states is not the only place suffering from such descrimination.. Sadly,its all around us..

Anonymous said...

This story is bad, however the sophia salvo not only was shopping for groceries for about 5 minutes, wasted 10 minutes in the parking lot before affixing a fake temporary license tag, then proceeded to drive off in the opposite direction of the next 3 closest medical facilities. It is hard to take a person serious that they are in need of immediate medical help.... though if she was asking for an ambulance I still do believe that she should have received it. Look at the whole situation and not just the negative circumstances before passing racism as the cause.

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