Monday, July 26, 2010

Opposition parties in Sudan say no to talks on referendum

Now the NCP is panicking. When they called the other political parties last week to discuss the Referendum, it was a sure sign of panick. The NCP is now certain that they have failed to make unity attractive and the southerners will surely vote for secession come January 2010. They want to share the blame later with the other parties.

Unfortunately for the NCP, the other political parties are very smart and saw through their game. While others jumped at the opportunity to press for other issues to be discussed as well, none had come out strongly in support of the call by NCP. In fact they are beaming at NCP's predicament.

I particularly like this statement :

"The National Congress Party (NCP) facing these two options [granting equal citizenship rights or secession] will not be able to evade or circumvent them through compromises, generosity, mediation, public relations or bribery through money or [offering] positions".

How true! Nothing will make the southerners change their position now. Too late.

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