Monday, July 12, 2010

Making unity attractive 2

The Government in Northern Sudan has started a massive campaign to convince the people of Southern Sudan to vote for unity in the upcoming referendum in January 2010. They seemed to be takne by surprised that 2011 is already here and they have done nothing to make unity attractive.

What is more surprising is the confidence with which they are preaching unity. All the campaigns are trying to say that unity is bad because the Southerners will butcher themselves to obscurity if given the chance to go their separate way. The feeling in Southern Sudan at the moment is ti make South Sudan free and later deal with our own issues.

The Southern Sudanese has become a sought after prize at the moment. They were paraded in interviews on TVs, families visited at home, etc. Will that make unity attractive?

I think the NCP failed to take the issue of the referendum seriously when they signed the CPA. Now it is coming to hound them. Whatever they do, it is too late . . .

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