Wednesday, April 07, 2010

SPLM Boycotts elections in Northern Sudan

Now the elections are getting really interesting. The other day, the SPLM Presidential Candidate Yasir Saed Arman, withdrew from the race, citing problems in Darfur and electoral irregularities that will not lead to a free and fair elections.

Yesterday, the SPLM Political Bureau has decided to also abandon the elections in Northern Sudan, citing the same problems and saying the elections will not be free and fare etc, etc. Funny enough, the SPLM will continue to run in Southern Sudan, competing in all levels of government. Now the streets have become really active.
Nobody is believeing the crap. If the elctions are not going to be free and fare in the North, how will it be in the South? Is it not the same elections, same ballots and same NEC? When there are no explanations, the conspiracy theories abound and I like what I hear, because it goes with what I believe a long time ago that it is going to happen: that SPLM is handing Northern Sudan to NCP and NCP is handing Southern Sudan to the SPLM. That will be the results of the elections, each ensuring their grip in power. And the oppositions parties, they can go to hell.

The opposition have already sensed this and said the SPLM cut a deal with NCP. Are they right? Maybe. Bashir has threatened to postpone the crucial referrundum in the South in 2011 if SPLM withdraw completely from the elections aor asked for delays. For the SPLM, 2011 is much more important than the elections.

So the whole elections is turning out to be a sham.

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