Wednesday, April 07, 2010

NCP: no delay to elections

It is becoming obvious that NCP had no heart to hold credible elections in the country. Right from the beginning of the signing of the CPA, NCP started working on how to undermine the agreement and never see it fulfilled. The signs are always clear for all to see.

There is a complete disregard to the elements contained in the agreement. Many of the articles have not been implemented fully and some are being watered down and re-interpreted to sooth their interests.

What is happening is a sham and NCP knows that. What has happened about the Demarcation of Borders, Abyei Status, JIUs, Militias and the referendum? True, NCP is arguing now that the elections will not be postponed, because they will also not hold the referendum on time if that happens. The SPLM shouldn’t buy that. Not everyone does, but could they do it?
If the NCP can play around with many of the provisions in the CPA, the SPLM is right to worry, though. Salva Kiir has already made it clear that referendum is more important than the elections.

Sudan is becoming very interesting these days.

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