Friday, September 01, 2006

President Bush Assassinated!

"President George Bush was shot by a niper while in Chicago attending an anti-war rally. The investigation is focusing on a Syrian-born man."

Don't be shocked! It has not happened. Apparently it can only happen in a movie! According to CNN the British public broadcaster Channel 4 is producing a drama film about just that, the fictional assassination of Bush. The film is due this September and October. This is going to cause a lot of contraversy in USA! Their next project: "the Trial of Tony Blair!"

It makes me think: can anyone make a film about the Assassination of President Omar Bashir, while he is still alive and kicking! Maybe, by a suicide bomber while opening an oil facility in the jungles of South Sudan. Or maybe, hijack a plane and fly it into the Republican Palace!

Man, you will not see the next sun rise!

Note: Watch the CNN report Here