Monday, September 11, 2006

Lam Akol: MI 2

Lam Akol, the Sudanese FM is probably sweating real bad under his collar! Sure, he had the job of representing the government of Bashir to the world.

His Washington trip is re-enacting Mission Impossible 2: with a letter from Bashir under his armpit, Akol was sent to reiterate the position of Khartoum government over Darfur and the UN. But they were waiting for him before Bush: Condoleezza Rice told him in the strongest possible terms to accept the UN force in Darfur. Period.

I would love to see his face when he meets Bush next. Although the government was showing some signs of backtracking with regards to the AU forces, nothing concrete is forthcoming.

Although the SPLM is a part of the government of national unity in Khartoum, they are behaving with indeferrence when it comes to Darfur: like it is the problem between the National Congress and the UN. One time trying to be the mediators! Wake up guys, you are the government in Khartoum. Don't think you can be excluded when sunctions come around.