Friday, January 14, 2011

Referendum on Al Jazeera TV Website

The Al Jazeera TV Website has a wide coverage of the Southern Sudan Referendum. The reports are generally good, comprehensive and balanced, although occasionally they tend to focused more on the underdevelopment and fear of violence, more than the dream of the Southern Sudanese quest for independence and freedom. I guess like most of the Arab World, Al Jazeera stands behind unity of the country.

Now that the threshold of 60% has been reached, there is no turning back. Southern Sudan has worked out of the Arab World. No more Arab League etc.


paul fikri said...

sudan standup for unity since 1922 it time for southerners to separated.the northerners dont like the southerners the like our resource.all the leader are from one region,through power we came as vice and will continue vice vice until the vice will be take away and we remain in the same wheel.just we are gona be good friends neigthours.thats all.

Said said...

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