Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Kamal Ibeid, the minister encouraging the secession of the South Sudan: thanks for your effort

The information minister in the government of national unity Kamal Obeid had delt the Quest for Unity of the Sudan a deadly blow. He has left his colleagues in the NCP hanging their heads in shame for his blunt talk about the Southern Sudanese in the North in Case of secession.

The Minister had said that "Southern Sudanese in the north will lose their citizenship if the South secedes. They will not be allowed to work or sell anything in the market or be treated in the hospitals. They cannot be given even a needle".

How can we hope for unity when we have pundits like that for ministers? He is clearly inciting the people and this may lead to reprisal attacks against Southerners in the North when the results are for separation.

It is yet another reason why we cannot and never will be able to live together again in a united Sudan.

Thanks Mr Minister, you have given us another reason to reject a forced unity . . .

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