Saturday, May 23, 2009

We are 39,154,490!

It is now official: the census results shows that Sudan has a poplation of 39,154,490 people. It is here but for the analysis, come back later.


Mahid said...

yes we are but i guess not everyone agrees, this is a good step to next year is for sure going to be a crazy year.

widge said...

On June 28, 2009, Eric Reeves published "General Elections and Southern Self-Determination: At Growing Risk" ( about the serious challenges facing the Comprehensive Peace Agreement and Sudan’s ability/desire to hold fair and democratic elections. According to Reeves’ website, he “has spent the past ten years working full-time as a Sudan researcher and analyst, publishing extensively both in the US and internationally.” Even before starting his article, he begins with the statement:

“Increasingly pessimistic assessments of Sudan’s scheduled national elections (February 2010) [recently postponed until April 2010] make clear that the 2011 Self-Determination Referendum is deeply endangered. If the referendum is aborted, or occurs amidst the grim environment in prospect, it will re-ignite country-wide war.”

The paper is divided into sections that detail the various components that effectively compromise the election/referendum process in Sudan: 1) Sudan’s national census; 2) Logistical, technical, and administrative obstacles; 3) Censorship; 4) Khartoum’s efforts to destabilize the south; 4) Elections in Darfur; and 5) US policy towards Khartoum and the elections.

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