Sunday, August 12, 2007

Tribute to Madilu System

Africa has lost one great musician, the Congolese Bialu Madilu System, aka Ramsès II or also the Grand Ninja, who died Saturday in Kinshasa . (Link in French!)

Madilu was one of the musicians who worked with the late Franco Luambo Makiadi of TP OK Jazz. Madilu took over upon the death of Franco and has inspired many musicians with his uplifting rythms, in the style of the grand maestro Franco rumba music.

Here he plays one of his songs.

African music has lost a hero. R.I.P.


SudaneseReturnee said...

R.I.P Madilu system...

Black Dahlia said...

OMG my mother LOVES him. We have his music videos DVD. :(

Anonymous said...

I'm shocked to receive the news of the demise of Madilu System. Indeed Africa has lost a great artist, a great singer, a great musician. Your music will live on. You entertained us in our living rooms, in our cars while driving. We will miss you Madilu System. Rest In Peace.

Lennox Obuong
Dallas, Texas

Black Kush said...

True. Madilu will be truely missed. Congolese music has acquired high status in South Sudan like it is an extension of Congo!


Anonymous said...

I wonder why the mail media outlets are silent about the death of this legendary man.

Black Kush said...

I was looking for the news coverage but couldn't find any, except for snipets. The BBC had only a quick mentioned in the Network Africa programme and never repeated it again. Shame!

Anonymous said...

Madilu...R.I.P A true genius..One of the best albums by anyone period was SANS COMENTAIRE..OMG ITS LIKE ANGELS SINGING TO YOU..Pie Mboyo, Nzele, Beau souvenir, LA FLEUR DU CILE..some of the most melodius rythms ever and I dont speak Lingala but he got me..Au revoir papa!

Tears are just flowing..thank you for the music Madilu!!!! Love you!

allan onguka said...

Madilu is trully a legend,moreso for bana kenya!the guy got married in malindi and the kenyan government can not even send a condolence message!for all lovers of sentimental music,mziki wa mpango i say it shall be hard to fill the void System has left behind.My condolences to all the people of DRC and his immediate family.Rest in peace Ninja

Black Kush said...

I weep with you, friend.

Cheruiyot said...

Madilu system!! You will be missed so dearly...May your soul rest in Peace!

Anonymous said...

"Madilu, you were the next great thing to have happened in music after the great Luambo.We always will miss you. You muic is forever engrossed in our souls. We all loved you when you were alive and have just realised that we love you even more at death. 'Ninja, your melodious lyrics wont fade at all" RIP

Anonymous said...

Truly the Greatest!!

Anonymous said...

Madilu is a lovely musician. We need rumber not just shouting and crying like the other musician do. They should learn from Fronco, Madilu, but not from Awilo and others.

Anonymous said...


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okot said...

i didn't know hope your music was so powerful. i love them. R.I.P Madilu system