Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Is Sudan a failed State?

I find the recently published Failed States Index 2007 utterly unbelievable and rubbish. It is one of these publications that doesn't hold water. I have a lot of grievances with my country, but I don't consider it a failed state. For this am sure.

The Index puts Sudan at the top of the list, followed by Iraq and Somalia. Every sane man on the planet knows that there is no government in Somalia for the last ten years. Actually there was no STATE! And how will you describe the carnage raging in Iraq, with a hopelessly impotent American-backed government? It is in a state of civil war, a government that doesn't have control over its territories, etc.

The Index may have used different indicators to arrive at this conclusion, but it is wrong. There is stability in South Sudan after twenty years of war, the East is quiet. Darfur is the only war-torn spot in the country now, and does not reflect the whole picture.

You can call Sudan what you want, but not failed: ask Somalis and Iraqis what they think first!


L.K. Muhammad said...

I was in Sudan during the last week of May 2007. My time was spent in Khartoum and in Merowe. I also met with several government officials including the late Dr. Majzoub Al-Khalifah. While the Sudan is struggling to overcome several obstacles, it is definitely not a 'failed' state. This index is nothing but a pack of lies designed to malign Sudan in the court of international opinion. I pray that peace is achieved in Darfur, maintained in Southern Sudan, and that development continues to lift the country up and preserve it as a single entity. All Sudanese must unite for the preservation of the nation and resist the underhanded machinations of the United States and other Western powers. Sudan will be a torchlight for the whole of Africa in the not too distant future. May Allah bless President Al-Bashir and the First Vice President Salva Kiir Mayadarit to take the country to heights previously unknown since ancient times.

Precious said...

Isnt it a cuincidence that boh Iraq and Somalia had US Army interferin.. well hope this doesnt happen to Sudan.. and like u said Black KUsh, this Index sounds like complete rubbish..

Anonymous said...

Do you know what indicators the Index used?

I don't think that the index is rubbish. Look around and see what has happened in Sudan for the past fifty years, then compare with Somalia and Iraq. Constant war, inequality, wild economic disparity from region to region, chronic situations of internally displaced persons. Where is education? Where is health? Did you know that the maternal mortality rate in south Sudan is the highest in the world? Nearly 3 out of every 10 mothers dies due to childbirth in South Sudan.

Most importantly: what benefits do the people of Sudan, outside of Khartoum, derive from being a part of the country of Sudan? Can you tell me that?

Anonymous said...

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Black Kush said...

Here it is: Contact me at jubablog@yahoo.com

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