Thursday, May 10, 2007

Another envoy for Darfur

How many special envoys will it take to bring peace to Darfur? 10, 20, 50? All the ones there are no good enough, or just not doing enough. Any country with a conscience wants to be seen doing something for Darfur by having an envoy there.

Now the Chinese are following suit. After being criticized left, right and center for not doing enough for Darfur, it has caved in. China now appointed a seasoned diplomat as its special envoy for Darfur.

This is a significant move to deter the pressure on China. The call by some quarters to boycott the Beijing olympics come 2008 is hard one for China to bear.

Let us hope, with arrival of yet another envoy, the elusive peace may atlast be around the corner.


Andrew said...

Hi there. Your blog is very interesting. I'm working at the Council on Foreign Relations now, and I wanted to draw your attention to something you might find interesting. It's an interactive crisis guide on the situation in Darfur. Let me know what you think.

Daana Lost in Translation said...

Bk to be honest with u I don't think the world is really going to do much 4 Darfur, and we shouldn't expect them to. Why do we always try to turn to the world to fix our problems. Even more what really is the true problem in Darfur??? some ppl say it's a genocide and the arabs are killing the africans. well who are the arabs and who are the africans we are all black, better yet why did they all of the sudden after all these years realize this difference in ethnicity and started to kill each other. I find the explanation of fighting over water and land resources much more believable but of course that is not what is being presented by the media. The government of Sudan has committed a lot of atrocities against the ppl of sudan as a whole not just one group, and the opposition powers are just trying to gain international support so they could get a piece of the pie not because they care or want to help the country or the ppl. I am sick sick sick and tired of hearing lies about Sudan all the time. Yes there are problems in the country, but call them by their real name and don't make up lies. Countries around the world won't try to help Darfur 4 the sake of Darfurians or 4 the love of Sudan or because of the guilt they feel towards not doing anything, they will only try 2 interfere bc they want something out of it. That is how politics work, there is no place 4 soft feelings in that game.

DZA said...

hey there
i know this aint the right place to ask a question but i couldn't find your email.. anyways.. there's a town in Darfur called "kafia kingi" if you know anything about it please contact me.. and I wanna know the meaning of its name.. thanks in advance man

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