Monday, December 04, 2006

Thoughts . . .

Take a minute to think
And think of the things you thought . . .


hipster said...

I'm thinking: Correct me if I'm wrong.You are ee & you are female.

Which tribe are you from & can you tell me how to say hi & bye in your dialect:)

Do you work & where are you based?

hehehe, interrogation session is over.Don't mind me but work has got to me & you asked us to think:P

hipster said...

I'm curious,so,some more questions for you.

What is your take on a separate Southern state?
Is the govt in the South trustworthy?
What is lacking in the South & what are the issues that must be addressed immediatly?

Excuse me but my knowledge of the Southern part of my country is very limited, if not zilch & right now, the South is being overshadowed by the Darfur crisis.

Precious said...

LOL. hipster sis,, u ask too much! but hmm am waiting for the answers too..

Black Kush said...

Hipster and Precious, it seems curiousity has taken hold of you too much and you can't hold it eny longer!

You got it wrong there my sisters! Well I am from South Sudan and a MALE! I wonder why everyone think am female!

I am of mixed tribe, so couldn't put anything fwd! I don't actually condone being classified according to tribes etc, for I know what such gropings can do. So I will leave it out.

My base? Sudan ofcourse but am always on the move. I don't blame you for lacking in Knowledge about South Sudan. Our system of education and government policies are to blame. I was surprise some guys in Northern Sudan still think we live in trees, eat people and have no religion!

My views? I will just say I support a Sudan that can recognize me as an equal citizen. Otgherwise, why should I bother to stay with you if not treated as an equal? Do you know since independence, I (or any South Sudanese) can never become the president of Sudan by law? How can someone be better than me in my own country? But generally speaking, South Sudanese don't trust the government(Who ever maybe) any more!

GOSS will have to prove itself, but my vote for separation or not will be my own decision on ballot day!

I think I will need to post something to answer the questions more clearly. Sorry, I am loaded these days and lacking enough time!

Cheers, sisters!

Precious said...

Thanks for taking the time and answerin hipsters questions.. I knew you were male, but hipsters q made me re think. lol u neva know!
About your tribe, I realise that what tribe your coming from or I'm from or hipster, doesnt make any difference nor identify who you are.. I've always wondered how its considered a MAIN question when meeting someone.. But it can be useful in one thing, knowing more about others traditions and cultures.. each tribe might have its own heritage. Which would be nice to know about..
I agree with you, I hope you do write more regarding this in complete post..

hipster said...

BK, my apologies, bro.I have no idea why I thought you were a female.I think Drima addressed you as sis once,loool.
I didn't mean to offend you when I asked about the tribe.I don't usually ask such a q.I was merely curious & wanted to learn a few words of your dialect.Wallahi, harmless & innocent q:))

Thankx for taking the time to answer my questions & looking forward to the relevant posts.

Black Kush said...

Sorry Hispter if I sounded offended. Never meant to.

Ok since you asked: my father is 'Madi' and my mum is 'Bari' from near Juba.

The madi say 'Ng'goni' for hi and 'Adi ke ende' for see you later. I just wonder whether you will be able to pronounce those words!

hipster said...

Thankx.Is the g stressed or not?

Yaay, I'm happy now:)

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