Monday, August 21, 2006

The Darfur Nightmare Revisited

Darfur has become a nightmare not only to Sudan, but also to the UN and the International Community.

Sudan's Bashir thinks that by playing tough, the world will turn away from Darfur! He thought he can sleep the nightmare off!

No way! With the AU troops dying now and again, and the population fleeing death, hunger and diseases, there is no way that the world is going to keep quiet. The support the Aab League is giving Sudan won't hold water, because when the goings get tough, they too may fade away.

There are no permanent policies in the world. I believe the tough guy talk is just mere propaganda and may give way with enough pressure. Keep the barometer rising, Mr Koffi Annan!

The Sudanese Thinker: Sudan, Iran & The Arab League


Drima aka SudaneseThinker said...

E E, I don't know but don't you think that with the current situation, reinforcing the AU troops is the best option? The UN troops will become a target for jihady nuts and Darfur will turn into a warzone. That will make things worse.

The UN's intention doesn't matter much. What matters is what the people think those intentions are and so far many people believe they're sinister thanx to Bashir's propaganda machine and also speeches by Al-Qaeda's Bin Laden and Zawahri.

There's no objection to the AU. Hence I support the AU to be in command. I pray to see them get reinforced.

Black Kush said...

Drima, what would have been the reaction of the common man in the Sudan, if the Sudanese government was to welcome whatever troops from the world, be them AU/UN/NATO into the country? What if they say it is for the good of the country to bring sense to the chaos, to support the so-called peace agreement etc?

I tell you no one will think in terms of invasion or preach hate against the troops. Sudan complicates this issue because with the UN comes investigations, accountability and all others, which the AU right now is not doing. Remember, some members of the government are already indicted war criminals for genocide in Darfur!

What better way to prevent this than to paint the issue as invasion, occupation, againts Islam etc. Is anyone happy that killings, rapes and ethnic cleansing should continue in Darfur despite the presence of the AU forces?

Drima said...

E E, the AU can't do much right now because they'r too weak. If they got reinforced they might do a better job.

It all depends on one thing. If you believe it takes a war to bring peace in Darfur, then UN troops. If you want Darfur to be solved while trying as much as possible to preserve peace then no to UN troops. It's as simple as that in my opinion. UN troops believe it or not will mean war in Darfur and that will cause greater suffering for the poor people there. I don't you think you understand the mentality of some Muslims in Sudan. They'll take up the call for jihad in an instance. UN troops will be a target to vent out all their frustrations on. The whole reason UN troops are being sent is to bring peace to Darfur. The simple fact is that they won't. Darfur will become a warzone. Bashir and his butcher gang will not allow anything risking their power to come. They don't trust the UN. Hence again no UN troops because that will mean war. Period!

Awaiting ur reply =)

Black Kush said...

Drima, I don't think you got my point. I said if the government of Sudan were to change their mentality and accept UN troops, no one will be able to call for a jihad, because the troops will be on the government side. It is the government that will call for war against the UN by mobilzing the jihadists. Of course, even now, no UN troops will get into Darfur without the government approval! That is why the UN is insisting on the government acceptance of the force.

I agree on the point that it will be real war, if the UN get in without the consent of the govenment!

Whether the UN will succeed in bringing peace to Darfur is another matter. But this is fact: the AU has failed! Reinforcing an already impotent force is like patching up a leaking pot. It may serve you for sometime, but you will sooner go back to the status quo.

As a South Sudanese, I have known what war is, and had lived under constant barrage of fighting. I have been displaced, been in refuge, gone hungry, experienced all kinds of suffering. It pains to see that the same is happening in Darfur when it can be easily prevented. I could easily say what the heck, let them die, who cares a fig! But that is not right! Humans are dying and we raise false accusations just because we have preconceived ideas about those trying to bring sanity to the region, and we let the killing continues . . . If you are happy with that, be it.

Drima said...

E E, never at any point have I ever said I'm happy with what's happening in Darfur and please know, I don't intend to offend you. I only mean well. I'm just trying to understand your views better and I defintely did thanks to your last comment.

I agree with you 100%. If our filthy would agree to UN troops , the situation would become much more less complicated and certainly the risk of war in Darfur will reduce greatly.

Peace gurl =)

Black Kush said...

No hard feelings, pal. It is a healthy and good discussion. I never intended it as a personal attack. My apologies. You are always welcome. :)

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